Beware Pakistan leather gear

Pakistani leather jacket

There is hardly a day goes by where Motorbike Writer’s email inbox isn’t bombarded by spam, mainly from Pakistan leather motorcycle gear manufacturers.

They offer ridiculously cheap prices and say their gear is the equivalent of top-quality products.

I usually ignore them and send them to the waste bin.

However, when one of them offered to send me a leather jacket for review and support their claims, I thought there was no harm in checking it out.

I won’t say which company it is, but they are probably all the same.

I gave them my size and measurements and the $US59.50 leather jacket arrived just a few days later.

First thing I noticed even before I opened the package was how light it felt.Pakistani leather motorcycle jacket

My favourite Harley-Davidson leather jacket weighs 240g, whereas this weighs 40g.

It feels flimsy, has mostly single stitching, no official certification, no armour and the leather feels fake and certainly the thinnest we’ve come across.

The quilted lining also has no thickness and offers little wind protection.

When I tried it on, the jacket was a little short in the sleeves.Pakistani leather motorcycle jacket

We cannot recommend this jacket for anything more than leisure wear.

While many reputable and well-known motorcycle clothing manufacturers have their gear made in Pakistani, Chinese, India or other Asian factories, they are made to a certain agreed standard.

Buying direct and online from independent manufacturers in these countries is not advisable, judging by the quality of this product.

We took the jacket to Phil Rudd of HiSide Leathers, Brisbane, who has been around the industry “a bazillion years”.

Phil with the Pakistani leather jacket
Phil checks the jacket

He says it’s made of goat leather which tears easily. It’s so thin, they have backed it with a thin layer of Dacron to prevent it from tearing.

There are no metal eyelets in the neck and waist straps so they will tear where the buckle joins them, Phil warns.

Phil with the Pakistani leather jacket
Thin goat leather backed with Dacron

He also claims the YKK zips are not authentic because they are different colours and the stopper is a different size from the zip assembly.

Phil warns that Asian manufacturers will often substitute identical-looking materials that are inferior quality.

“This is probably a sample which is well made, but you can’t guarantee they will all be the same,” he says.

“This is a nice leisure jacket, but it’s not a motorcycle jacket. It’s a disgrace.”

Phil with the Pakistani leather jacket
Phil says “it’s a disgrace”

Until an Australian star rating system for protective motorcycle gear is introduced, riders should check for European CE labels. There is no such label on this jacket.

Look for EN13595-1 (level 1 and 2) for clothing where the abrasion resistance for level 1 clothing is 4 seconds and above, and level 2 is 7 seconds and above.

The number for the armour approval standard is EN1621-2 (previously EN1621-1) followed by a letter which corresponds to the location such as S for shoulder, E for elbow, K for knee etc.

I contacted the company that sent me this jacket and explained my concerns and they promised to “provide certification” and make the changes I wanted.

They also tried to post ads on my Facebook site, but have now been banned.Pakistani leather jacket


  1. You were pre-occupied with the idea that Pakistani leather jackets are not of standard quality. You’ll find top rated eBay sellers who are sending jackets directly from Pakistan and even if there would be a small defect, you too know how secure eBay makes a buyer so you leisurely ordered an item and labeled whole country, that’s sad part of the post.

    I would also like to thank you for letting me know the factors a biker looks in a quality jacket. I will definitely keep an eye on these aspects in our further manufacturings


  3. This report doesn’t make any sense. Someone offered you a cheap jacket, you bought said cheap jacket and tested it to find that it was a cheap sh*t jacket. huh? You’ll never buy from them again!….Until the next cheap jacket offer! LOL

    1. I don’t know what’s wrong in buying from the independent manufacturers from eBay. I have been buying motorcycle gear from a private seller on eBay who gets it from Pakistan and his leather is of high grade thickness and always last long. All the jackets I tried from him, none of the ever ripped. His tags say CE Approved rating as well and has shoulder and elbow protectors plus spine protectors as well. The closest I could go to shop instore is Cycle Gear which is one of the biggest retailers of our country. Half of their shop stuff comes from Pakistan manufacturer. So why not save couple 100s of dollars if both shit comes from the same place!!!!

  4. My bike jacket was half the price of any others in Brisbane, & the leather’s by far the thickest.
    Not particularly well made, but just as good as all the others I saw. Just passable.
    Made in Pakistan.
    Wouldn’t buy a jacket online though, from anywhere.

    truth is, haven’t been able to get a really good jacket at a good price in Brisbane since Jack White stopped making them.

  5. Never judge a book by its cover.
    Perhaps its your miscue and greed too. When he offered such a cheap price didnt you realize that what will you get in only 59.99 USD$ ? Why did you high your expectations of paying such a tiny amount?
    I addmit there are some of the same sort of companies in our region but dont blame it on all the hardworkers and companies who are serving your region.
    Let me illustrate my misfortune , one of my customer from america took a order and promised me to pay after 60 days but he refused to pay. Should i say all americans are bullshit? same like one of my customer also from US is so nice i gave him 60 days credit he paid the money before time. Havent you feel the difference?

    Massive quantity of companies are doing business with PAKISTAN. Dainese,Alpinestar,Revit , joe rocket, harley devidson ETC.

    Your post is absolutly HYPOCRATIC.

    1. Well said brother! And these ignorants also don’t know that the best leather in the world comes from Pakistan (Sialkot). Hence why all these companies you mentioned have come running to setup facilities and operations in Pakistan. The only area where the Italians have an edge is stitching quality. But like you said, you get what you pay for. For more money Pakistan industries can make better than Sedici or Joe Rocket and all those companies.

      1. Dainese – made in italy, romania, vietnam and now some of it in china – NOT PAKISTAN FOR SURE
        Alpinestar – mane in croatia, vietnam – NOT PAKISTAN FOR SURE
        Revit EU and now in china – NOT PAKISTAN FOR SURE
        joe rocket – NOT PAKISTAN FOR SURE

  6. Just an odd thought, with all the Kevlar in clothes these days would it be safe to ride around America? Or is bullet proof a different CE rating? Could the Pakistanis be on to something? Goat skin bonded to a polyaramid anyone?

  7. If Phil says it’s a disgrace, then it’s probably only good for stopping your a#se with it.
    But…to each their own.

    Thanks for the write up, and great way to authenticate quality.

    1. You can make leather out of almost any skin the Japanese even have a fish skin suit! That said I wonder how tough a cane toad jacket would be?

  8. You’d look the smartest bloke in the village as
    you sling you’re ak-47 over your shoulder
    jump on the minsk and head off to the nearest city
    for a night of clubbing ……and stabbing and bombing

  9. I’m no longer ordering my motorcycle gear online, Rjay gear is made in Pakistan and their sizes I find are all wrong, I bought a pair of 2XL Rjay riding pants & Jacket online checked and double checked my size before placing my order, when I got them I checked the size tag 2XL, Went to try them on they wouldn’t fit!
    I thought I would let my son try them on, the pants barely fit him they’re too small and he’s a large size!
    The jacket is on the snug side for me but that alright, recently I went to my local motorcycle gear shop with the size issue in mind a 5XL jacket was a perfect fit even though I was wearing a 3XL jacket there was no made in tag on the 5XL jacket.

    1. When you say Size wrong, it doesn’t means its fault of origin country. It is fault of importer/brand who is importing, because before any production every company take size run samples, and they verify. How you can claim that is manufacturer fault, manufacturer is making things according to importer instructions. You should complain to your local company where from you bought. If if buy some thing doesn’t fits to me, should i say its fault of origin country? Is that right?

  10. Can you share the link where you got that jacket from? I really like it and for that price, to get one tailor made is amazing, I want one! Due to my body shape, stocky with short muscly arms, I have never been able to buy a jacket off the peg to fit . Yes, I`m aware that it`s not going to provide the protection of an Alpinestars top end two piece race suit but who wants to ride around Brisbane in the summer wearing one of those? It has to be better than riding around in a T-shirt.

    1. Hi Rob,
      Sorry, but I said I wouldn’t.
      However, you could easily google search and find hundreds of similar manufacturers.
      If you happen to be the same size as me, you can pick up the jacket from Phil’s HiSide Leathers for a nominal donation to his Street Feed charity.

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