Ducati V4 EICMA surprise safe best hopes
Ducati V4 unveiled

What will be the best motorcycles of 2018?

The global motorcycle industry is struggling, yet motorcycles have never been so affordable with so many model choices available to riders, but what will be the best of 2018?

The trend for more models is going to continue in 2018 with some 50-odd models being released in a wide variety of categories.

It is difficult to yet declare what will be the best motorcycles of 2018. In fact, it is impossible.

After all, it is a purely subjective thing.

Most anticipated

Ducati Panigale V4 1409 - scrambler 1100 theme safe
Ducati Panigale V4 1409

However, even if you don’t like sports bikes, the most anticipated motorcycle of 2018 has to be the Ducati Panigale V4 1409 and Speciale model, due here in March/April.

This is an historic bike for Ducati as their first mass-produced, road-going V4.

It is also possibly an indicator of whether the ailing sports bike category has any staying power.

We haven’t seen it in the flesh/metal yet and it looks a little fat in the photos, but it still won the best bike at the ECMA motorcycle show in Milan.

It certainly won’t be a big seller, but it will be an important bike for the industry.

Our personal best

Kawasaki reveals retro Z900RS prices Cafe racer best
Z900RS and Cafe Racer

Our personal favourite for next year will be the retro-styled Kawasaki Z900RS and Cafe Racer arriving in February.

Unfortunately, It is a little expensive at $16,459 (+ on-road costs) which is $4000 more than the Z900 it is based on.

But that will not stop many who love its homage to the legendary Z1 and the fact that it will have the three Rs – rideable, retro and reliable!

Calendar of 2018 releases

Here is a list of bikes to be released next year in alphabetical order:

2018 new model tips

While there is no schedule for their release, we have the following tips for 2018:

  1. You gotta wonder. With the V4 liquid cooled engine configuration featuring into the future why Yamaha went with an air cooled V 2 in their latest state of the art Venture. Yamaha have lead the field for thirty years with their ultra reliable and powerful V4s starting in the 1983 Ventures and 1200cc Vmax engines, then developing the Gen II 1700 cc Vmax Odatama engine. Why they never put the Odatama engine in the new “Venture” instead of the thirteen year old Stratoliner engine is a mystery and a huge disappointment to serious long distance riders looking for a new bike.
    And while we’re on the subject of V4s….bring back the GP V4 two strokers I say !!

    1. Hi Iain,
      It is mentioned as being launched in February. Look for Honda in the list of 2018 new models.
      Click on the word “Glowing” in the list and you will get all the information about the bike that you need.
      We hope to ride one in the New Year. Stay tuned for a review.

  2. Honda is making some huge improvements in the CRF1000 Africa Twin Adventure, but I would love to see a CRF600 or 650 Africa Twin DualSport.

  3. Z900R gets my vote, the retro looks with a good engine, a proper pillion seat, 4into1 exhaust, and they resisted the urge to put spoked wheels with inner tubes on it. Best of both worlds.

  4. I’m not into retro that much but at least the two Kwakas look better than the pictured Ducati with the big Beemer looking the best but way above my price point.

    The current CTX1300 just doesn’t quite fit the bill even though the detuned engine came out of the ST1300; to bad it didn’t have the 1300’s 29 litre tank and the later DCT option as well.

    If I was going to buy a new bike the only other option at the moment is the current F6B ‘wing but parting from my aging ST1100A is another thing.

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