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The Best Motorcycle Boots You Can Buy [2022 Edition]

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One rider’s opinion of the best motorcycle boots will differ greatly when compared to another. Some riders are looking for close-fitting, high-performance sports boots, while others might be looking for casual boots with enough protection for slow city riding, but with a look and style that won’t look out of place in the office. So, for this list, we’ve decided to cast a wide net and look at some of the best motorcycle boots you can buy for a wide variety of situations.

Sports, off-road, adventure touring—we’re listing the best pairs we’ve seen on sale this year, no matter what category they fall into.

Our selection is based on a number of contributing factors. Safety is always the number one priority, but comfort, versatility, and value for money are also important metrics. After all, protective boots are only safe if you’re wearing them. Uncomfortable and unattractive boots often get left behind in favor of comfortable, cool-looking numbers. We’re only human! With that in mind, our choices offer great protection, great comfort, and great styling.

It’s also important that they’re supported by real-life reviews from real-life riders too.

Here are the top choices!

Dainese Fulcrum GT Gore-Tex Boots

Dainese Fulcrum GT Gore-Tex Boots In Black

Review: In-depth review
Price: $299.95
Buy: Revzilla | Amazon

If you’re looking for touring boots that offer rocksteady protection and top-level comfort, then the Dainese Fulcrum GT Gore-Tex Boots are an excellent choice. Manufactured by Dainese, these boots are constructed from full-grain cowhide leather and Gore-Tex, for a breathable, weatherproof, and secure ride.

These boots have been enhanced with the addition of nylon heels, ankle inserts, and thermoformed shin guards to keep your feet and ankles protected in the event of an accident, either on tour or on the way to work. The protection doesn’t sacrifice your comfort; these boots are flexible and offer decent mobility, even for walking around town.

Other cool features include a gear shifter guard, calf adjustment straps, a tough zipper closure, reflective inserts, and a thick rubber sole. Take note though, if you have wide feet these may not be the best option as they tend to run a little narrow.

The Dainese Fulcrum GT Gore-Tex Boots are our top choice for affordable CE-certified touring boots.

SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots

SIDI Adventure 2 Gore Tex Mid Boots In Black

Review: In-depth review
Price: $349.99
Buy: Revzilla | Amazon

If adventure touring is more your kind of thing, then the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots are worth a look. While these boots can be worn for a wide range of riding experiences, they’re ideal for adventure touring. They’re not as tall as standard adventure boots, but they offer a great balance of comfort and capability.

Made from Cambrelle, leather, Cordura, Gore-Tex, and microfiber materials, these boots are tough and sturdy, but light and breathable too. Despite the rigidity of some of the protective features, such as the shock-resistant heel cup and ankle defenders, these boots are very flexible. This makes them an ideal choice for adventure touring when you need bike boots that can double up as comfortable walking boots too.

These boots are easy to slip on and slip off, and they remain secure thanks to the use of micro-adjustable cam lock buckles.  These buckles do a great job of keeping out any water that usually manages to sneak in through boot fastenings, making these boots dry and warm whatever the weather.

Ideal for road and dirt riding, in a wide range of weather, these boots won’t disappoint.

SIDI Performer Air Boots

SIDI Performer Air Boots In Black

Review: In-depth review
Price: $249.99
Buy: Revzilla | Amazon

Our top sports boots are another SIDI product. These are the SIDI Performer Air Boots. They’re high-quality track boots that have been manufactured to a high standard using a combination of modern materials. These include a perforated Technomicro base, Cambrelle, mesh panels, DuPont polymer, and Nylon sections. Since they’re not made from leather, these boots won’t break-in over time, so make sure you get the right size from day one!

Since these boots are designed for high-risk riding scenarios, they come equipped with a number of safety-focused features. These include calf protector plates, ankle protective caps, inner cell foam padding, external plastic guards, a shin deflector plate, anti-abrasion panels, and a dual compound sole. Despite the shopping list of protectives, these boots are light and flexible, with incredible airflow.

They do have one major downside though. As they’re constructed from perforated materials, they have holes in them. Yeah, if you’re looking for really waterproof boots, these aren’t what you need. However, you can ride them in the rain without getting soaked, but don’t expect to stay 100% dry. In dry climates, these boots are awesome. In wetter regions, less so.

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots In Black
Price: $409.95
Buy: Revzilla | Amazon

If your sport takes you off-road rather than to the track, then the Tech 7 Enduro Boots from Alpinestars offer the best protection. Dirt riding requires different gear, as the sport makes different demands of the rider, and off-road boots need to be able to protect the rider from a much wider range of hazards.

Featuring a heavy-duty sole with outstanding grip, the Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro boots are strong, stable, and flexible, with serious ankle protection, in a package that won’t interfere with your foot controls. These boots are made from a microfiber base for maximum comfort and abrasion resistance and adorned with a liberal amount of thermoplastic polyurethane.

The insides are lined with contoured padding, soft foam reinforcement, and an anatomically shaped footbed. An innovative buckle system ensures a tight and close fit that keeps out excess water and dirt, ensuring a comfortable ride experience allowing riders to concentrate on the trails. The buckles have a cool memory function and can be replaced if they get damaged.

In summary: these are great off-road boots that are geared towards enduro riding than MX. Take care though—they have been known to run a bit narrow.

Forma Ice Pro Flow Boots

Forma Ice Pro Flow Boots


Price: $349.00
Buy: Revzilla

For those that have never heard of them, Forma is a smaller Italian manufacturer in the market that served mostly Europe in past, but has expanded to now be a global brand. We’re happy that they did, as they have a mission of best in class protection at reasonable prices.

Now, you might look at the $350 that these boots cost and raise an eyebrow at the word “reasonable,” but hear us out on this one.

The first thing is that the boots are made of synthetic materials, all of which are designed for protection. The main chassis is synthetic leather with microfiber backing, over which a molded, high-strength plastic exo-skeletal frame is mounted. This exo-skeleton is part of what Forma label as the Anti-Torsion Foot Control System (FCS), which holds your ankle and heel in a double armored (exo-skeletal armor combined with inner TPU armor) cup to keep it pointed forward in case of a crash.

There is also a toe cap of the same strength TPU, a mid-line reinforcement under the double density anti-slip sole, and fully armored outer toe slider, shin guard, and both inner and outer blade edges of the foot.

This is without a doubt a racing boot, but one that also works on the street. It is highly ventilated to keep your feet cool, is CE certified for track use, but doesn’t cost over $500 like “real” racing boots do. Since lower leg injuries during track riding and racing are usually torsional breaks of the tibia and fibula, having that Anti-Torsion FCS means that before your bones break, the boot will, sacrificing itself to keep you safe.

That is why these boots are not only reasonably priced but an outright bargain in our view.


Belstaff Endurance Boots

Belstaff Endurance Boots In Black Side View
Price: $495.00
Buy: Revzilla | Amazon

Not all riders are happy to wear futuristic lookin’ boots covered in fancy thermoplastic. Some riders want a simple and refined boot that ticks all the safety boxes without any reflective piping or mesh panels. If you’re a traditional cruiser rider looking for sleek, refined, and safe footwear, then these Belstaff Endurance Boots are what you need.

Made from durable and water-repellent buffalo leather, these boots are tough, rugged, and built for longevity. The buffalo hide exterior is complemented with an internal breathable, waterproof membrane that promotes airflow without any dampness. The interior also features protective inserts, ankle impact protection, and a molded insole for added comfort.

The sole is a heavy-duty thing. It’s made from Vibram rubber and has a thick tread with a serious anti-slip surface. These boots are fastened with a zipper and hook/loop tab, with the option for a more precise fit using the collar buckle straps.

Belstaff is an expensive brand, and these boots aren’t cheap. However, they’re manufactured to a high standard and will stand the test of time—providing that you take care of them properly!

TCX Hero WP Boots

Price: $259.99
Buy: Revzilla | Amazon

You will feel it as soon as you slide that zip all the way up. Even in your first steps toward your bike, the change in your swagger will become apparent. You will think the ladies are checking out the bike, but no, it’s you they are checking out. Wondering just who is this mysterious man in the badass boots.

Just as confirmation of the awesomeness of these boots, they do have the TCX’s Comfort Fit System to ensure an anatomically correct construction. The laces can be adjusted for optimal fit, then just use the zipper for easy on and off. The zipper even has a leather stay that velcro closes over it to keep things secure.

If the WP in the name didn’t give it away, yes these boots have a fully waterproof lining, they also have a nice grippy tread. There is an extra pad for your shifter, but it isn’t so stiff that feel is lost. Overall these boots will make you a better person, a better rider, in fact, they may even add horsepower to your bike. Trust me on this.

Street & Steel Oakland Boots


Price: $119.99
Buy: Revzilla

Street & Steel is brilliant at giving cruisers top-level gear, without emptying your wallet. These Oakland boots are a perfect example of that.

The Oakland Boots’ composite midsole is similar to that in heavy duty work boots, and the full leather construction and a heavy-duty lugged sole are ready to handle all the miles you want to throw at them. S&S includes TPU ankle and heel inserts, plus a hipora membrane keeps the boots waterproof.

I am a fan of the patina already on the boots. They come looking like they have already seen some stuff, which pairs perfectly with riding jeans and a leather jacket or hoodie.

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