Bell Star helmet with built-i9n 360-degree action camera
Bell Star helmet with built-i9n 360-degree action camera

Bell helmet comes with action camera

Bell Helmets plans to integrate a 360-degree action camera in one of its helmets which would get around the legality issues of attaching a camera to a helmet.

The Bell Star will incorporate the 360 Fly action camera which boasts a field of view that is 360 degrees horizontally and 240 degrees vertically. It is claimed to be the widest viewing camera in the world.  

The camera has two-hour battery life and features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so riders can live-stream video and transfer files to a computer.

360Fly action camera for your helmet
360Fly action camera

It also has a GPS sensor to tag locations, plus a barometer/altimeter and accelerometer to provide more information for the video.

They say it will also alert the rider of an impeding collision outside their field of vision, but they haven’t indicated how this system works yet.

Meanwhile, incorporating the camera in the top of the helmet as part of its construction would certainly bypass the current curly issue in Australia of riders being fined in Victoria and NSW for attaching cameras to their helmets.

The new Bell helmet was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and will be available at the end of this year, but there is no word yet on cost.

  1. Inbuilt camera mounts are definitely the way of the future but it passes the problem onto the standards bodies to formulate tests of the safety of the mounting and the certifiers who will initially have no tests specified, this is the same situation with regard to inner visors for both UNECE and AS1698 helmets

    We have had the absurd situation of AS1698 helmets being placed into the market place with the “certification” sticker and then another label on the inner visor stating it is not compliant with the standard

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