Balancing scooter Liger Mobility

Balancing scooter comes when you call

This balancing act will amaze your friends when you call your motorbike or scooter and it automatically comes to you from its parking space.

That’s a vision of the future from Indian company Liger Mobility who have developed a prototype self-balancing scooter that comes when you call it.

It basically uses voice activation like Siri and it self-balances via gyroscopes controlled by microprocessors.

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Self-balancing prototypes

It’s not dissimilar to self-balancing prototypes already developed by Honda, BMW and Yamaha.

Honda's self-balancing motorcycle - short season damon last
Honda’s self-balancing motorcycle

However, this scooter goes further with the ability to come when called.

Apart from the carpark scenario, we can also see that this could be convenient for ageing riders or women riding in high heels who don’t want to get them dirty.Balancing scooter Liger Mobility

However, the Bombay start-up’s claims that it will somehow be safer seem spurious.

We’re not sure of the statistics, but we couldn’t imagine too many deaths from parking incidents or falling over when coming to a stop.

The balancing act a novel display and makes a great video, but surely the extra weight and expense of gyroscopes won’t make these self-balancing scooters and motorcycles commercially viable.

Liger Mobility think it will and say it will only increase the cost of an electric or petrol-powered scooter by 10%.

That’s 10% many might prefer to spend on protective clothing!

  1. I’m assuming there is a large spinning mass (gyroscope) that is doing the balancing act. If that is how it works then it will need spin-up time from startup and spin-down time before riding off. Very interesting use of technology, but I think there is more we need to know than the video is showing us.

  2. Back on the farm, way back when, we had the same thing, after we sunk a few in the sheering shed & had to make the trip home we would whistle & the ‘vehicle’ would come , we would throw a leg over her & she would take us home – it was called a horse, self balanced on four legs , doesn’t get any better than that.

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