Bloodbikes Australia founder Peter Davis with his personalised plate

Award for Bloodbikes Australia founder

Personalised plate for Peter’s Honda

Peter Davis, who founded Bloodbikes Australia has been rewarded for his tireless work with a Personalised Plate “BBA19” to mark the two-year anniversary of the volunteer motorcyclist group.

“It’s an amazing honour and unexpected,” says Peter who was awarded with the plate at a surprise coffee meet-up in Springfield Shopping Centre in Ipswich this morning. 

“A lovely gesture from an awesome mob of volunteers,” says Peter who couldn’t wait to fit the plate, organised by Gold Coast volunteer John Eacott, to his Honda cruiser.

Peter and his Honda


The organisation is based on a British group that started several years ago delivering blood and other medical samples.

The Australian branch started before the pandemic but has since become a pivotal last-resort volunteer service for collecting COVID tests.

Peter says about 98% of their current volunteer work is now in the fight against COVID pandemic.

Bloodbikes Australia volunteers throughout the nation are performing last-resort medical transport when all other methods are not available. 

They transport biopsies, medicines, blood, blood tests and even consumables and equipment, helping out when the despatch system is stretched to the limit.

If you would like to volunteer, check out their website

Bloodbikes Australia founder Peter Davis with his personalised plate

Congrats to Peter

Rob Chrisomalidis BloodBikes Victoria: Well deserved, Peter! You’ve founded such a fantastic initiative that combines community service with our passion for riding. We’re delighted to be able to give back!

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