1. As an RACV member for some 40 years ( now 75) I don’t recall ever seeing a bike feature or suggested rides. The good thing is that their Total Care Roadside assistance also covers the bike, because it’s based on the driver/rider

  2. In the ACT, I never read of the NRMA representing the interests of riders of for motorcyclists to be considered as part of the solution to enduring congestion & parking problems* here. Canberra is a bike friendly place in my opinion but this has come from the hard work over the years of the MRA and possibly other groups, not the NRMA.

    *I acknowledge what is considered congestion and parking problems in Canberra would be considered as a very good day in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.

  3. We recently required roadside assistance when the bike broke at Allora and received excellent assistance from the RACQ – the phone operator, roadside assist officer and tow-truck driver were all excellent. Both the roadside assist and tow-truck guys were motorcyclists and they got my wife, me and the bike all safely home to Brisbane in good time.

  4. I told the NRMA about twenty years ago or so to stop sending me their members’ magazine precisely because of articles that I saw as being biased against motorcycles. I was so offended I told them never to send the magazine again. I also found when I did need assistance for a problem with a motorcycle they were next to useless and it really seemed like they would prefer not to have to deal with motorcycles at all. As I haven’t seen the magazine since, things might or might not have changed, but they certainly were not advocating for motorcycles or motorcyclists back then.

    I maintain membership in case of needing roadside assistance for our 4WD (which we never do because of our maintenance regime), but now subscribe to BMW roadside assistance for the bike. BMW provides this FOC during the warranty period and I’ve kept it up since.

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