Harley riders break non-riding myth
Aussie Harley riders

Australia’s favourite motorcycle brands revealed

Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Nolan helmets, Dririder jackets and gloves, and Michelin tyres are the top-rated motorcycle brands in Australia, according to a customer satisfaction research and ratings business.

Canstar Blue surveyed more than 700 bikers across the country and included brands in five different categories where there was a minimum of 30 responses.


Harley-Davidson led a field of eight brands to ride off with Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for motorcycles, scoring five-star ratings in regards to comfort, reliability and mileage, as well as overall customer satisfaction, which is a separate rating, not a compilation of the other ratings.

Head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle, says Harley-Davidson is one of the most recognisable brands in the world and is currently the top-selling road motorcycle brand in Australia, beating Honda for the first time.

“Harley-Davidson motorcycles come with huge expectations, but it seems they are being met,” she says.

BMW, Ducati, Honda and Triumph scored four-star overall satisfaction ratings, while the other three Japanese models scored three.

Maximum five-star ratings were recorded by Honda for value for money, mileage and reliability, Ducati for handling and after-sales service, and BMW for after-sales service.

The survey found the average spend on motorcycles to be $9912, with one in four respondents using a bike loan or financing to pay. And the average age at which respondents bought their first motorcycle was 21.

A significant 58% own a bike because riding is their hobby, 45% cited cheaper running costs as a reason and 12% wanted to join a social group. Ten per cent said their bike makes them “feel sexy”.

Where overall satisfaction ratings are the same, models are listed in alphabetical order

Motorcycle helmets

The award for motorcycle helmets went to Nolan, which beat seven other brands with a clean sweep of top ratings across the board.

The survey found the average spend on helmets to be $380 and one in four (24%) respondents said they have bought a helmet online. Just 16% said they have bought a helmet from overseas and 14% have used a helmet that has been previously damaged.
Motorcycle brands - helmets

Motorcycle gloves

The awards for motorcycle gloves and jackets both went to Dririder, which achieved a near-perfect set of results across both categories.

The survey found the average spend on gloves to be $168 and jackets to be $356.

“Just one in four motorcyclists opt for the cheapest available gloves, which tells you they are happy to spend a good amount if they know they’re getting quality,” says Megan. 

Motorcycle brands - gloves

Motorcycle jackets

“The same applies to jackets because more than anything else, bikers want a jacket that fits comfortably and gives them the protection they need,” says Megan. “Dririder is clearly meeting their expectations.”

With a wide variety of jacket brands on the market, only two received more than the minimum of 30 responses.

Motorcycle brands - jackets

Motorcycle tyres

Michelin achieved top marks in five out of six criteria. That adds to Michelin’s recent Canstar Blue award success for car tyres.

Survey respondents spent an average of $308 when they last bought a new motorcycle tyre, with one in five (20%) opting for the cheapest available.

“Ultimately consumers want good handling and longevity from their tyres, but they’re also conscious of paying more than they have to,” Megan. “Three out of five survey respondents are wary of being ripped off when they buy tyres, which probably helps explain why 32% delay buying new tyres for as long as they can.”

Motorcycle brands - tyres

  1. I think it’s more of a case of not wanting to admit they’ve made a mistake or never compared them to anything better or even simply having no choice.
    I went looking for some new riding gear and all that was available that had a size lager than xxl was dririder yet they seemed to think that meant that they should just make the arms longer not larger and the neck remained the same also.
    I wound up buying a jacket from the UK yes the arms are still too long but at least I can do it up without strangling my self the quality is the same or better and it still cost me half what I’d pay in a so called riding gear warehouse even with the pound at two dollars twelve and postage that cost as much as the jacket

  2. Well everyone seems to agree that harley, bmw & ducati are crap value, no suprise
    john bloor’s triumph is the real winner here , From nothing to leading brand in
    how many years? And they didn’t even play to the nostalgia market straight off

  3. Not sure if favourite is the right word. Would we all be riding MV Agusta’s F4RR or BMW S1000R or Kawasaki H2R if they were the same price Probably? most chosen or most purchased would be better.

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