Arlen Ness - one cool dude
Arlen Ness - one cool dude

Arlen Ness jackets are safe, not tacky

You want to be seen, but you’d rather die than be seen in a fluoro hi-vis jacket, right? Now Arlen Ness has the answer in one of their new leather jackets.

The classic M-Boss cruiser jacket is a swank-looking garment that has reflective stripes discretely hidden under the perforated leather. That means you can’t see them by day, but when a light hits them, they become hi-vis. So you retain your integrity and street creed … and your life! It is made of perforated 1.1-1.3mm premium full-grain leather with an antique look so it appears as if it’s been well worn.

Arlen Ness Cross-Country leather jacket ($599.95)
Arlen Ness Cross-Country leather jacket ($599.95)

The jacket is one of three new jackets to join the Arlen Ness range distributed in Australia by Ficeda. For those who don’t know Arlen Ness, he has been customising bikes since the 1970s and is a legend in the industry for his design which extends to motorcycle clothing.

The other jackets are the traditional Cross-Country and contemporary Anarchy. Cross Country is made with 1.1 -1.3 premium full-grain washable cow leather with a polyester breathable mesh lining for summer and a thermo vest liner for winter.

Arlen Ness Anarchy Hooded Leather Jacket $499.95
Arlen Ness Anarchy Hooded Leather Jacket $499.95

The front metal zip has a nice leather puller which looks great and there is a waist adjuster with a metal snap for prefect fit and anti-EM wave series pocket to protect you from harmful phone signals.

The more contemporary Anarchy adds the extra style and comfort of a hood. There is also a removable thermo vest liner, making it ideal for winter. The leather is perforated for ventilation and comes with an anti-EM wave series pocket for your phone. It has a wrist belt on the cuff and collar for better fit.

  1. Night visibility is pretty easy to achieve with reflective piping etc, even black panels that glow under light. A lot of existing jackets light up like a Christmas tree when headlights shine upon them. The wearer stands out like the proverbial…

    Daytime visibility, on the other hand, is a bit harder to achieve without the bright colours to provide contrast.

    I am much more concerned about being seen in the daytime. Night time is pretty easy.

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