Anti-bikie laws: tip of iceberg

SantaIf you think it is ridiculous that riding in groups of three or more will attract the attention of the Queensland police under the world’s toughest anti-bikie laws, then think again.
This is just the tip of a weird and discriminatory motorcycling world.
Did you know that while it is not illegal to have sex in public in London unless someone objects, it is illegal to have sex on a motorcycle? Apparently such sexy shenanigans were all the rage after WWII so the authorities put a stop to it!
If you think that’s a bit discriminatory against riders, how about Iowa where men are not allowed to ask their wife to go for a ride?
King of restrictive and discriminatory motorcycle rules is the US where it is illegal to ride a motorcycle in a costume or disguise. Sorry Santa.
I suppose that’s a bit like Queensland where you can’t wear a bikie “costume” of colours, patches or even some charity ride badges or you could be refused service in a licensed premises or even jailed.
Queensland may have restrictions on so-called declared outlaw motorcycle club members or people who dress like them, but if you’re heading to Washington, motorists with “criminal intentions” must stop at the city limits and phone the chief of police first.
Maybe that’s what Queensland needs instead of these draconian anti-bikie laws. Just ring the police first and tell them you are about to have “criminal intentions”. Yeah right!
BatmanIf you think the Queensland and Washington police are a bit touchy about crime, in Rockville, Maryland, swearing on your motorcycle is taboo and the Galesburg, Illinois, coppers have a law against “fancy riding”. “Batman” on the right there is guilty of both fancy riding AND riding in costume.
It gets more bizarre in Pennsylvania where motorists on a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, and continue. I know where Queensland riders want to fire a rocket …
It still hasn’t been declared illegal to ride a Harley in Queensland, but it is in many municipalities of China.
But Queensland still takes the cake for discriminatory motorcycle laws.
While you can take one hand off the handlebars, riders must keep both feet on the footpegs while riding. You can’t even take one foot off at a time to stretch your knees.
Aging bikies with knee problems are really in trouble in Queensland.

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