KTM bikeboat
Crossing the English Channel

Amphibious KTM ‘BikeBoat’ explodes in flame

Plans to ride from Russia to the USA across the Bering Strait in an amphibious KTM inflatable “bikeboat” have gone up in flames in a test crossing of the English Channel.

The venture was started by Frenchman Francis Lamotte who has converted his KTM 690 into an amphibious bike.

KTM bikeboat
Patrick Coleman

Australian biker Patrick Coleman met Francis in Russia last year with his amphibious bike and the two decided to join forces with a Russian, named Tim, to build three new amphibious bikes to cross the Bering Strait.

However, their test run across the English Channel in June ended when the fuel tank melted, then caught fire. Francis escaped injury by diving into the water and swimming to the support boat.

Considering this a “minor setback” they are now attempting to crowd fund their epic adventure through the IndieGoGo site. They hope to raise £10,000 (about $20,000) and you can help with a donation of as little as $20.

The Bering Straight that separates Russia and Alaska is 82km wide at its narrowest point which is where Francis, Pat and Tim hope to cross.

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