Aldi Motorcycle gear

Aldi Motorcycle Gear Sale Arrives

Get Ready September 30th

The long-awaited annual Aldi motorcycle gear sale will be held throughout Australia on 30 September 2020, a month after its usual date due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And this year it will be held on a Wednesday rather than a Saturday, which will make it difficult for those who work.

Most of the riding gear on sale is fairly typical — gloves, pants, thermals, socks, and helmets — and all for males with no women-specific gear this time.

It’s a smaller-than-usual selection of items with no motorcycle jackets this year.

Other sale items are a tank/tail bag, disc lock, and bike cover.

The annual sale is usually extremely popular with riders but has also attracted its fair share of criticism for taking business away from dealers.

Those who support the sale say it provides good quality gear at cheap prices which encourages riders to wear safety gear when riding.

For example, the Euro-approved riding jeans cost just $89.99, disc lock and cover are $29.99, gloves $39.99, tail/tank bag $39.99 and the full-face helmet with drop-down sun visor is just $79.99.

Supply is limited, so it’s recommended that riders queue up early.

Sizing is also limited with the helmet, for example, in medium, large, and XL only.

  1. It’s interesting how the helmets are still AS1698 rated.
    While The AS rating is not a particularly bad thing, you would wonder why a multinational business like Aldi would not be distributing ECE rated helmets as you would expect in Europe, considering economies of scale.
    This raises the question: is there a difference between ECE certified and AS certified helmets from the same maker?

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