Aldi annual sale - Riders urged to support motorcycle dealers claims

Aldi confirms annual motorcycle gear sale

Aldi Australia has confirmed its annual motorcycle gear sale will return, but has not yet named a date nor confirmed whether the pandemic will delay the sale.

The sale is usually held on one of the first Saturday’s in August, but was pushed back to the end of the month in 2019.

An Aldi Australia spokesperson says their motorcycle Special Buy theme “continues to return every year as a result of its popularity and following from motorcycle enthusiasts, who are after quality gear for great prices”.

“Like with all our products, we continue to improve our range by making necessary changes,” they say.

They would not confirm a date nor say whether the pandemic would cause a delay.

We will publish the sale date and list of products and prices as soon as it is available.

Sticky situation

Aldi helmets Ray Schriever
Ray with the sticky helmet

It follows a recent claim by Sydney rider Ray Schriever that the silver paint on Aldi helmets he bought in 2015 had crazed and become sticky, despite limited use.

“The helmet was sticky all over. I took it to the sink and gave it a wash but the sticky mess just congealed or balled up,” he says.Aldi helmets Ray Schriever

The Aldi Australia spokesperson says:

Before 2016, a different type of paint was used on the motorcycle helmets and after listening to our customers feedback we learnt that the helmet would sometimes become sticky if stored in damp conditions for a long period of time. As a result we worked with our business partner to improve the paint and the new formula was introduced in 2016. The safety of the helmet has never been impacted, the sticky surface was an aesthetic fault only. It does not damage the shell, the EPS liner or the structure of the helmet. Our helmets come with a 12-month warranty.

We do not suggest this paint issue would also affect helmet integrity in the event of a crash.

However, we do note that most helmet manufacturers recommend you replace your helmet after five years of regular use, anyway.

In Ray’s case, the helmets had not had regular use.

Aldi claims all its rider gear meets proper safety standards.

  1. Hi Mark.

    Just checked the Aldi specials website this morning and saw SOME motorcyle gear to be on sale on the 30th. Lots of stuff missing like the Jacket and boots unfortunately. Were you able to get an explanation from Aldi regarding that?



    1. Hi,
      They have told me it will definitely be on and will advise a week out from the sale.
      I suspect they will contact me next week, so it should be in the next couple of weekends.

      1. Hi Mark,

        Just noticed there’s nothing for September either.
        Have you got any updates from Aldi? It’s now two months off their usual special buys. They must have a reason. Hopefully it not COVID thats stopped the motorcycle gear special buys..


  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks a lot for the heads up. I guess we will find out either this Wednesday or next Saturday if it will be at the end of August.

    Fingers crossed

  3. Constant improvements? I’m not sure about that, the base layer, mid layer and socks I purchased in 2016 are far superior to those that I purchased in 2018

  4. So I bought my first motorcycle this year and I’ve been waiting to buy ALL the gear from Aldi as I’m a student on a budget. I’ve noticed that they have this sale every August. So because of that I’ve been checking special buys diligently only to find out they won’t have it this August. Must be my bad luck

  5. Since all helmets are certified they come up to a standard, Aldi or not.
    Personally I can’t stand to pay for some $1000 graphics and perhaps 5 percent better ‘safety’ when the lower price it does the job.

  6. Yep Aldi priced helmet, Aldi priced head!! Clearly Ray does not value his noggin.
    Aldi clothes are good entry level gear but not as durable and reliable as brand names. Everything I bought in the first couple of years of riding wore out quite quickly but that was OK as it served its purpose without having to spend a fortune to get started.
    The socks are the exception – they are the ducks guts!!
    The ski gear is great.

  7. According to Google – the authority and final arbiter on everything – lol. The average life span of a helmet is 5 years. I’ve found that to be about right as linings etc begin deteriorating, if not falling apart. Therefore, Ray, ‘youse gets what you pay’ – old wisdom that still holds true. I have a HJC full face bought through an Italian importer that has a date of manufacture sticker prominently displayed leading me to wonder if other countries have specified life spans for helmets?

    Living in South Australia we were among the last states to get Aldi stores so the other states had the jump on us as far as their motorbike accessory sales so, inter-staters may have more experience/knowledge of this. My observation was that for the first time sale my local Aldi had over 100 people ready to storm the store the moment it opened. 10 minutes later almost nothing was left. The next year the madding crowd was far less and you could even get what you wanted 30 minutes after opening. Last year the crowd was smaller again and a few weeks after the sale I was able to pick up a pair of full length boots for $30 and a full face helmet for $49 on markdown. If not for the fact I already had 4 jackets I could have bought one for $89! No doubt Aldi will still do well out of their motorbike sale but the reality is the accessories last past one year – even helmets with paint that may deteriorate within 5 years. If it happens to me – I’ll live with it because I’m well in front with all the gear I’ve bought from Aldi.

  8. ” I took it to the sink and gave it a wash” and there could be the problem- if he has been giving it a good wash in past would effect integrity of finish; all helmet makers advise to keep any cleaning agent, incl washing up type detergent, away from helmet. If dusty wipe with a clean cloth; if you must wash use a mild soap like baby soap and don’t scrub the helmet.

  9. With the helmet they are open face to start with …. I do r know why any doesn’t value the lower half of their face. You chin is statistically hee first part of your head that hits the road.

  10. I’d love to see Aldi bring back the women’s motorcycle clothing range. Only ever saw it one year, then never again despite feedback from myself and many other female riders. So many women ride and/or pillion, doesn’t it make sense to cater to this growing market?

    1. So because Ray did not pay double the price for the helmet he should get a less than satisfactory one. What type of logic is that. I am also in the same boat and have only used the helmet on three occasions. Now after attempting to clean it I am left with a helmet that looks like is has been hit by a road side bomb and only worth throwing out. Thanks Aldi.

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