Airless tyres coming to motorcycles

Michelin airless scooter tyre

Airless tyres are already used in many applications from bicycles to trucks, but they have yet to come to production motorcycles and cars.

However, it may not be long before they are. No more worrying about getting the tyre pressures right or being stranded with a puncture.

Airless tyres are not a new concept, they have been widely used in industrial and military vehicles and in 1932 English dirt-track rider Les Blackborough used a back wheel with wooden balls mounted on the rim to ‘broadside rapidly on hard surfaces’.

Polaris has also released their WV850 ATV with non-pneumatic tyres with a honeycomb interior. The puncture-proof tyres have even been tested by the US Army firing live rounds into them.

Polaris WV850 with Terrain Armor tyres
Polaris WV850 with Terrain Armor tyres

However non-pneumatic tyres are heavy, expensive and limited to slow-moving vehicles.

Now, several tyre manufacturers are working on fixing those problems and developing cheaper manufacturing processes.

Michelin has been working on their Tweel (combined tyre and wheel, geddit?) for several years, Bridgestone has developed non-pneumatic concept car and scooter tyres that are almost production ready and the latest is South Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook who seem to have cracked the high-speed problem.

Hankook airless tyre - airless motorcycle tyres
Hankook airless tyres

The iFlex is Hankook’s fifth attempt at non-pneumatic tyres and has been tested on an electric car at up to 130km/h. It is also cheaper to produce and easy to recycle.

Motorcycle versions are bound to follow.

  • Would you fit an airless tyre to your motorcycle?

One thought on “Airless tyres coming to motorcycles

  1. Absolutely look forward to the day when airless tyre/wheel combos are safe, affordable and no compromise on performance. To never had to fix a puncture on a DRZ or quad? Wonderful.

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