AGV Sportmodular carbon modular helmet

AGV launches first carbon modular helmet

Light weight is one off the most important safety and comfort qualities of a motorcycle helmet and Italian helmet manufacturer AGV has now released the world’s first fully carbon modular helmet.

The AGV Sportmodular has a carbon-fibre shell and a carbon-fibre chin piece and weighs in a just 1295g.

AGV Sportmodular carbon modular helmet

It is now available in Australia, starting at $899 for the glossy carbon, $999 for the White Carbon and the Grey Carbon, while the two “Multi” (Red and also Hi Vis Yellow) are $1099.

That compares with the previous lightest modular helmet, the Shark Evoline Pro Carbon Helmet that weighs 1565g and is made of a mixture of carbonfibre and multi-axial glass fibres.

Shark Evoline Pro Carbon Helmet modular
Shark Evoline Pro Carbon

Modular pluses and minuses

Flip-up or modular helmets are convenient and great for touring where you can just flip them up to talk to fellow riders and pillions or take a quick photo. Some service stations even allow you to fill your tank without taking ff the helmet.

However, they are traditionally heavy because of the hinge mechanism and the need to make them structurally stronger to overcome the inherent weakness of the two-piece shell.

That can make them tiring on a long trip where riders have neck pain at the end of the day.

AGV Sportmodular carbon modular helmet

They can also be fatiguing on a long ride because of the extra noise from that gap in the hinge mechanism.

The AGV Sportmodular is not only light weight, but all also reduces fatigue because it has been wind-tunnel tested to reduce drag and wind noise.

Sportmodular features

AGV claims the helmet is great in all seasons because it is lined with soft hypoallergenic 2Dry fast-wicking materials for moisture control, Sanitized to make it odour free and has a patented ventilation-enhancing reversible crown.

The material can be swapped around for hot and cold days. One side of the crown is made of smooth Ritmo to keep your head cool and the other is a soft Shalimar material to keep your head warm.

It also also great in the rain with a rear lip profile that directs rain and spray away from the neck.AGV Sportmodular carbon modular helmet

The Spotmodular also features a 190-degree panoramic visor, visor lock so it doesn’t spring open at high seeds, an anti-scratch internal sun visor and a chin strap with a secure titanium double d fastener.

The helmet has the same impact protection as their Pista SGP-R helmet worn by MotoGP riders such as Valentino Rossi and three-time World Superbike champion Troy Bayliss who is contesting the Australian Superbikes in his comeback year.

  1. Looking over the promo pics again of this Sportmodular, the internal sunshade looks like quite a light tint which may not be much use in an Australian summer or even a Mediteranean summer.

    Maybe one day the internal sunshades will be replaceable and have a choice of colour since I prefer a brown tint as for me the brown has better colour contrast than some of more neutral tints.

  2. I’ll be interested to see how these helmets go in the SHARP tests (see ).
    A lot of the “system” or “modular” helmets tested by SHARP do not have the face shield stay fully locked in all tests, regardless of price.
    However, I notice that SHARP do not mention whether in a test a face shield ever became completely unlocked during a test. Does it ever happen? Who knows? It should be a major concern of any buyer of a this type of helmet.

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