Adventure riding Mexico
Mrs MBW after a long cay in the saddle

Adventure riding requires adventure

If you want a holiday, try a Women’s Weekly cruise, but if you want some adventure, try a Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Safaris tour.


We are currently in day four of the inaugural three-week Tacos ’n’ Tequila Tour of Mexico and it is living up to the adventure moniker with perfect motorcycle nirvana roads as well as all the usual foibles that beset a real adventure ride.Adventure riding Mexico

There are craggy roads, sporadic fuel stops, stray animals on the road and oppressive temperatures.

But in the end, you wind up at a postcard-perfect location, swapping stories about the adversities and the perfect motorcycling roads you have conquered.Adventure riding Mexico

On the fourth day of our tour, we travel from the millionaires’ paradise of Acapulco down to the hippy surfer destination of Puerto Escondido.

It’s been a 400+km ride down the south-west coast of Mexico through ever-changing scenery and some of the best riding roads in the world.

One moment, you are on the anchors for the ubiquitous speed bumps (topes or reductors) in the villages and the next you are full-tilt leaning through 100+km/h smooth-as-silk hairpins in the many coastal ranges.

Adventure riding Mexico
Denise rocks in after a long day

Mike and Denise Ferris are conducting their first exploratory trip through Mexico with a bunch of “repeat offender” travellers from Australia and America and it’s not all going according to plan.

There are some “incidents”, some exploratory lunch and fuel stops and some “unscheduled” moments.

Adventure riding Mexico
A local admires “Junior’s” bike

These will be sorted out on future trips, but some riders love this spontaneity so much they actually ask to be on the inaugural trip so they experience the raw excitement of planning on the run.

We’ve got to agree that is exciting but we’d still love to come back and get the Mike and Denise personal treatment on their annual tours.


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