Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Touring Company

Adventure riding in the Canadian Rockies

Have you ever wanted to ride an adventure motorcycle through the beautiful Canadian Rockies and not take the tourist highways?

Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Touring Company not only specialises in guiding riders along the interesting and adventurous paths less travelled, but they do it on something more suitable than tired old rental BMW GS behemoths.


Lisa Shaw and husband Alan Buck of RMABTC say they chose the Honda CB500X Adventure specially prepared by Rally Raid because it’s a light, very capable and nimble bike for the terrain the tour crosses. It also has a lower seat height to suit more riders than the tall GS bikes.

Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Touring Company Rockies
Honda CB500X Adventure bikes by Rally Raid

“It’s great for all sizes of rider with more than enough power to fully explore the rugged landscape,” Lisa says.

“It’s easy to handle on the backroads and trails while still comfortable on the highways.”

The CB500X Adventure is built by British company Rally Raid who prepare a range of vehicles for off-road racing and have even prepared machines for the intrepid Dakar Rally.

The bikes are equipped with hardcore Giant Loop waterproof saddlebags to carry all the gear provided by the tour company for fully independent camping, plus some personal belongings.Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Touring Company Rockies

However, there is a support truck so you can bring extra luggage and not overload your bike. The back-up truck also carries meals, supplies and bike spares.

The tour company operates out of Edmonton, Alberta, with the backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, riding into British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska.

Each all-inclusive tour has been carefully thought out to be adventurous by sticking to the back roads and getting right into forests to camp, but also tailored to customers’ riding abilities.Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Touring Company Rockies

“If you have never had the chance to explore the rugged landscape of the Rocky Mountains you will be stunned by the vastness,” says Lisa.

“We get you up close with this intense wilderness. Our tours are more than your average highway tour.

“We may be a small Canadian company but we more than make up with all the heart the guides put into it.”

British riders Gary Preston and Mike Hooper, who has not ridden a motorcycle in 35 years, chose a 700km gravel-road tour through the Rockies.

Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Touring Company Rockies
Alan, Lisa, Mike and Gary

“I must say the expression ‘like riding a bike’ is true, 30km down alongside a beautiful blue lake, following the organiser/company owner Alan Buck, I felt at ease, enjoying the breathtaking views along the way. Familiarisation ride done!” says Mike.

“Canada is one of the most beautifully landscaped countries I’ve ever visited. Along the trek we saw a moose some dear, wild wolves and a bear.”

Gary says the scenery is “mind-blowing”.Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Touring Company Rockies

“From cruising on the highways through the Canadian Rockies and glaciers to off-road riding, this tour has it all.

“Alan and Lisa are extremely knowledgable and will put everyone at ease whatever their riding level.”

He says the tour is great value for money and cheaper than many European tours.Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Touring Company Rockies

“The views are breath taking with no worrying about insurance, fuel and food it gives more time to take in what this amazing country has to offer,” he says.

Their seven-day tours start at $3495 (Canadian dollars are similar value to Australian dollars) per person, single riders only, no pillions.Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Touring Company Rockies

    1. Hui Justin e,
      It appears their website has now gone private which means they may have parked it for a while.
      Sorry, it doesn’t look like it is running for the moment.

  1. With friends in Edmonton, it became our base for many rides in to the Canadian wilderness. It is truly fabulous. But New Zealand South island backroads are comparable. Anyone who travels those two places is experiencing the best in the world.

    Sure, there are places in South America and Europe that are similarly spectacular. But there is nowhere else where such scenery and roads are backed by first-world ease, comforts, and facilities. Europe is crowded and places like Norway have restrictions. In South America you can be a very long way form help in an emergency.

    Both Canada and New Zealand have first class safety facilities readily available. In other words, bot are eminently practicable and doable with minimum risks.

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