Harley stereotypes ad

Ad campaign kicks Harley stereotypes

A new advertising campaign in the US is trying to shake off the Harley stereotypes of leather vests and bandanas.

Some people have been critical of the iconic brand for fostering an outlaw motorcycle club image, but new bikes such as the Iron, 72 and now the new Street family have ushered in a new wave of younger riders who don’t fit the old stereotypes.

So the company has released an advertising campaign in the US called “Roll Your Own” which says there is no right or wrong way to ride a Harley.Harley stereotypes ad

The minute-long video ad mainly features the new Street family with riders doing a wheelie, donuts and ice racing. Other bikes are also featured racing on the beach, the salt, flat track and even performing off-road-style jumps.

Most importantly you won’t see a bandana in the whole video, although one rider does have a leather vest.

Instead, the riders are young hipsters wearing Bell and off-road helmets and trendy flanno checkered shirts.Harley stereotypes ad

The video will be supplemented in the US with “Roll Your Own” themed print and social media ads with the #rollyourown hastag.

The ads will air during National Collegiate Athletic Association men’s basketball games.

Harley-Davidson Australia and New Zealand ad manager David Turney says there are no current plans to use the Roll Your Own campaign in Australia.

“It’s a good campaign; part of the young adult, Dark Custom strategy,” he says. “An extension, if you like, of our recent Stereotypical Harley campaign that used social hashtags to spread the word.”

Yes Harley certainly is embracing youth culture!

The ads come as Harley is dominating the North American motorcycle rally season, kicking off at the weekend with Daytona Bike Week.

Harley is the official bike of the 74th Annual Daytona Bike Week and has signed an unprecedented 75-year deal to be the official bike of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the largest in the world.

  1. They couldn’t use the ads here. The whingers would complain the morning donut encouraged “hooning”.

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