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The Motorbike Writer site was launched by Mark Hinchliffe in May 2013. Motorbike Writer is an Australian-based publisher that provides a global audience with motorcycle reviews, industry news, topical motorcycling commentary complemented by regular reader offers, competitions and giveawaysThe staff at Motorbike Writer are determined to making the site Australia’s number one motorcycle news and reviews and travel info destination.

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More information about Motorbike Writer founder Mark Hinchliffe

Mark Hinchliffe is Motorbike Writer
My name is Mark Hinchliffe. You can find my articles in Australian motorcycle magazines such as Australian Road Ride and Cruiser & Trike, various Australian Provincial Newspapers, and the RACQ’s Road Ahead website. I also have myriad articles (car, 4WD and bike news and reviews) on the web from the past decade-plus while motoring editor at The Courier-Mail and as Carsguide reporter.

(Sung to the tune of Paperback Writer, The Beatles, 1966)

It’s a thousand pages, give or take a few,
I’ll be writing more in a week or two.
I can make it longer if you like the style,
I can change it round and I want to be a motorbike writer, motorbike writer!


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  1. In relation to the Handlebar Height as one size fits all people, is there some backing documents as to how the measurement was devised.

    I have all the preamble but no backing information to understand.

  2. VERY good news about the police in several countries finally addressing NOYZaholics on incredibly loud motor bikes.
    Let’s see if they actually have the fortitude to stand up to some rather famous, and infamous, motorcycle clubs.

    1. The safe money will be NNNO WAY!!
      Spineless cowards are in vast abundance in the halls of the executive…. esp in the world. (The world is roughly between the north of Mexico and the south of Canada).
      Just about every other country follows that horror of a place.

  3. Hi Mark, a bit of advice please. I am looking at buying a bike privately from South Australia and ask the owner not to cancel the rego. My plan is to fly down and ride it back to Queensland on the SA registration (so I can be on the road with it) and get it changed over to QLD rego when I get back. Is this OK to do? I am not 100% sure if this is ok to do or not.

    Thanx Rod

    1. Hi Rod,
      Yes, that is legal.
      When you get back to Queensland, you have two weeks to transfer the rego.
      Then you can post the SA plate back to the owner who can take it in and get a refund on unused rego.

  4. Mark.
    Well done re this site,really emjoy it.
    I’m having some trouble logging in, I’ve changed password a couple of times and it works for s bit then when I got to accounts etc it will not accept it. Any suggestions?
    Have put in an order but keeps going to a place to put a coupon number in,I don’t have one and cannot progress to payment. I would like to get this gear asap.
    Frank. W.

  5. I have come upon an article you did a few years ago about seats and leather vs vinyl. I am wondering where I can find the seat featured on your page. Was tribal theme.

  6. Hi I was wondering if you would be good enough to give me an idea on the total cost of buying and importing a Honda Goldwing trike from the States into Oz, I realise that there is about a twenty five percent difference in AUD to AUD, and I was thinking of a purchase price of around,$25,000,USD.
    I am getting confused with weather there are additional taxes to pay in the USA And of course GST and any other charges once the bike is here ,the cost of crating ,weather to ship or fly the bike and the changing of blinkers, speedo and tyres . I have gestimated that with all the cost it could run as High as $15 .000 with the dollar conversion ?
    If this is true is there any benefit in buying one in Canada.
    Regards Brin Brace

  7. Hello!

    I’m writing to you in hope you or one of your contacts could help me. I don’t normally do anything like this, but I am doing it in hope to surprise a guy I like, who currently resides in Auckland. Let me explain. He had a beautiful motorbike with decent engine power up until 6 months ago, because he sold it before his move abroad. His move abroad did not work out. He is back in Auckland (Pakuranga) and currently a full time student (undergrad Law and Masters- busy man!). He cannot afford a motorbike as he is struggling to find a job. It is his birthday coming up in June 2nd. I would like to ask if it is possible you or someone in Auckland area could lend him a motorbike for an hour or so on June 2nd or any day before? It does not matter which day. I could pay a little for your time (unfortunately not much as I’m saving up to move to NZ). I know he daydreams of riding a motorbike, to take in the scenery, feel the wind and the engine vibrating. He misses that. He is the kindest person I know who had a tough time lately, and deserves a motorbike ride to forget his troubles for a short while. I want to put a smile on his face. Could you or someone make this happen? If yes, please email me. Thank you for your time reading this.

  8. Hi Mark,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Motorbike Writer has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Motorcycle Blogs on the web.

    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Motorcycle Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog


  9. Re: Harley Davidson (HD)

    You should be aware that HD recently established a legal entity in Rayong, Thailand and purchased a large plot of land.

    HD’s intention is to build a factory that will produce up to 100,000 motorbikes a year when fully operational. In fact, construction has already commenced. This project is deemed confidential within the company as HD expects strong reaction from the US unions when this is finally announced.

    HD’s objective is to build products within the ASEAN region and thus avoid the high customs duties and tariffs levied by many member countries. All types of motorbikes will be built at this factory. Thus, the production at its US factories will need to be scaled back. This is particularly true as HD’s unit sales have continued to decline.

    We would suggest you confirm these facts with HD management and then evaluate the impact on its future bike prices, quality and regional operations.

  10. Non riding Queenslanders will realise this IS NOT a bikie law – it can and will affect them or someone they know. Make it clear that whoever will recind these draconian laws will get their vote. Vote Newman out regardless Queensland.

    1. hello. I saw your editorial on Mark Taylor’s accident with a modular helmet and I couldn’t believe I was almost looking at myself. If I can figure out how to send you a picture you’ll see what I mean. Please let him know that he’s got a doppelganger here in Canada and I obviously have one in Australia. Glenn at

  11. Hi Mark, Sorry that I missed the Canungra meet. Could I suggest that a committee be raised to take our valid argument to the authorities. Some talk therapy might be received in a positive sense.

    1. Glad to see some reasoned discussion and assessment of the situation. Thanks. The whole campaign is under siege fromNSW who are pumped up about their win on CTP and want to take over this campaign. We need to remain calm and show that we are reasonable people, not hot-headed motorcycle hoons. Make no mistake, Newman will not back down easily and this legislation will pass this week. But in the long run, I firmly believe in the citizens of Queensland to make the right decision .

  12. How about riding in pairs, with a TEC following about 200 metres behind? I’m having a flashback to 1976, Z900s, XS1100s, Chiko Rolls, Sherbert and Joh Bjelke-Petersen. Everything old is new again. Time to shake off the apathy folks and get riding!

  13. Hi Mark.

    Since Newman / Bleauugggh want to target groups of 3+ riders, irrespective of who they are, why not have everyone ride in three’s? This will drive them mad as there be enough Plod to keep up. A really great form of passive defiance, and imho perhaps a more effective way to get the message across than lots of tub thumping and shouting.

    Anyway, there was something about Ride in Three’s. … … aw yeaaah … we’ll need a song eh, to sing when Plod has pulled us over – below:

    (btw – I AM serious about getting this idea off the ground)


    John C.
    ’82 GoldWing

    Ride in Three’s (Let it be).

    Since we’re all now tarred with Newman’s troubles
    An answer surely there must be
    To stop his flights of fancy: Ride in Threes
    Yes in this hour of drama
    Standing right in front of me
    Was the only answer: Ride in Threes

    Ride in Threes ohh Ride in Threes
    Ride in Threes yeah Ride in Threes .
    Yes it’s the only answer Ride in Threes .

    And when all fed-up riders
    Living in the state agree
    This will be their answer, Ride in Threes

    And while some may soon be parted
    It will be but momentary
    And We’ll chant The Answer: Ride in Threes
    Ride in Threes Ride in Threes
    Ride in Threes oh Ride in Threes

    And one day Mr Plod will weary
    Of persecuting You and Me
    And his only option? Leave Us be.
    Leave Us be oh Leave Us be.
    Leave Us be yeah Leave Us be.
    It’s the only answer, leave Us be.

    So We’ll shine on until tomorrow,
    And wake up happily
    To the sound of riders, lots of Riders riding free
    Speaking words of wisdom, Leave Us be.

    And we will have got our answer: they’ll leave Us be.

    They’ll leave Us be. They’ll leave Us be.
    They’ll leave Us be yeah leave Us be.

    And We’ll have got our answer: they’ll leave Us be.
    It was the only answer, to leave Us be.
    Let Us be, let Us be
    Let Us be, yeah let Us be
    Oh we have got our answer, it’s leave Us be

    Let Us be, let Us be,
    Ah let Us be, yeah let Us be
    Whisp-ring our words of freedom, leave Us be.

    Taaa daaa daaaaaaa.

    (Couldn’t have done it without you Sir Paul

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