Peter Hickman BMW S 1000 RR BSB Insta360 ONE X 360º camera

360º videos put you in rider’s seat

These amazing 360º videos of British Superbike rider Peter Hickman put you in the rider’s seat like no other on-board video we have seen before.

A few weeks ago he posted this video of him doing two laps of Snetterton Circuit, Norfolk, during a free practice session in June 2019.

Then he followed it up a couple of days ago with this video shot during the second BSB practice session at Thruxton in April 2019.

360º camera

We must admit we are bored with the abundance of on-board action videos, but this 360º view is something else.

It was shot using a Insta360 ONE X camera positioned on the headstock of Hickman’s BMW S 1000 RR where the view swivels completely around.

Insta360 ONE X 360º camera
Insta360 ONE X 360º camera

Ok, it’s not exactly in the rider’s seat, but the camera provides the most unique view of riders we have seen.

Most importantly the videos show the amount of stress and strain on the rider and how much a racer really moves around in his seat.

The Insta360 One X costs about $A750 and combines the options of 4K and 360º lenses.

It also has FlowState stabilisation so the image isn’t blurred by the vibrations from the bike.

AI-powered features include auto-follow, auto-frame and auto-edit.

It measures just 115 x 48 x 28mm and weighs only 115g. It’s capable of shooting 5.7K footage at 30fps.

  1. Can you confirm which camera was used, cause you mention the Insta 360 One X, but have included a pic of the Insta 360 One R, which is a different model.

    I get what you’re saying about this being a 360 video, but the output is really just a standard video, which offers no control to the viewer.

    This video on the other hand was shot using the Insta 360 One X, mounted on the tank just in front of me. Its best viewed on a VR headset and offers a fully immersive experience.

    The only thing that it doesn’t do well is audio, where all you get is wind noise. My original aim was to recreate as realistic motorbike riding experience as possible, without actually being on a bike. Aimed at people who were never likely to be able to experience it. Disabled people etc.

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