2016 Yamaha Bolt and MT coloured

Yamaha Bolt R-Spec

There are few changes to the 2016 Yamaha road bike line-up, except for a variety of new colours and graphics on the Bolt and the “masters of torque” series MT-07 and MT-09.

Yamaha Motor Australia says we will get most variants with the MT-07 arriving in July and the Bolt from August.

Yamaha Bolt
Yamaha Bolt

The colour choices for the Bolt include Raven or Deep Blue for the base model, while the R-Spec now comes in Rapid Red or Stone Grey, with matching wheel stripes.

There is no word yet on the C-Spec.

The Yamaha or Star Bolt was released in 2013 and has become the third best seller in Yamaha’s streetbike lineup. In Australia, it’s beaten by the learner-approved XVS650 in the cruiser class.

Yamaha Bolt R-Spec
Yamaha Bolt R-Spec

Meanwhile, Yamaha’s street-fighting MT-09 will arrive in Raven and Deep Blue, and the MT-07 will be available in Raven or Matte Silver/Blue.

The MT-07 and MT-09 are the top-selling naked bikes in Australia with 395 and 245 sales in the first quarter of 2015, far and away outstripping the third-placed Honda CB500FA at 87.

Yamaha MT-07
Yamaha MT-07

The bikes are also very popular in Europe and the UK.

Prices for the Bolt and MT models are yet to be confirmed, but we aren’t expecting any change as there are no mechanical upgrades as far as we know.

Yamaha MT-09
Yamaha MT-09
  • Meanwhile, selected Yamaha dealers are hosting a YZF-R3 launch event on Saturday, June 13, 2015. Customers are invited to test ride the new 321cc parallel twin that has arrived at $6999 ride away. To register for a demo ride, go to the YZF-R3 microsite.


  1. A,B,S why dont we get it on the Bolt???? overseas model gets it, dont care about saftey in Australia ?????
    not interested unless its got it !!!!!!

  2. A lot of people are disappointed with the lams only model mt07 655cc in Aus.. Hope yamaha Australia change their mind, I’m sick of being told I should buy a mt09 from the dealers, I don’t want a triple lol give me a 270dgree cross plan twin with 75hp any day..

  3. The Yellow Mt-09 they have in the U.S is great. Why not that? The world does not need another F%^&* black motorcycle !!
    Whoever picks the colours for Australian motorcycles hates us !! Every time I see the colours we get compared to overseas markets I despair. Kawasaki with their brown Versys !!! Now bikes are coming out in matt grey or matt black!!!
    Are you trying to kill us? S%^&!!

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