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10 Interesting Jobs For Motorcycle Riders

By freelance writer Laura Garbers


Being a motorcycle enthusiast, I wanted to incorporate this hobby into my everyday life. Staying at the office most of the time, I was just dreaming of having some sort of constant activity connected to motorcycles, with some monetary gains, of course. This dream was quite unachievable for me, but something happened. I got laid off due to economic reasons, and that’s when I decided to review something.

Despite being laid off just like lots of other office employees, I decided to stick to my two-wheel friend and make a living out of it; that’s when I went through sites to look for jobs that would let me use this asset. So, if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast like myself who has lost a job, or a dedicated practitioner of riding a motorcycle, or anyone else somehow connected to this activity, I compiled a list of 10 interesting jobs for motorcycle riders that you might find quite interesting.

Motorcycle detailer

This job does not require any sort of formal education and is about working at a shop or dealership. The main duties are about maintaining, cleaning, relocating, and performing minor repairs on the motorcycles. It is a perfect starting job for someone who wants to develop skills in both taking care of motorcycles and enhance already existing strengths to make that resume look better. If you’re new to the labor market, the question of strengths vs skills is important to distinguish if you want to progress with your career.

Delivery service representative

Quite a popular job during the coronavirus outbreak. People are locked because of quarantine, but they still want to enjoy some of the things that are familiar from normal life. This includes different food and stuff. So, getting a job as a delivery person for some company or a particular café/restaurant is very easy today. This is quite profitable and provides an opportunity to learn your local area by heart.

Motorcycle guide

That’s quite an interesting job for those who want to get some extra cash during the season. It works basically the same as a tourist guide, but for fellow motorcyclists. Your duties will be creating tours for motorcycle enthusiasts, showing them local attractions, and basically guiding them through interesting


An obvious choice for someone who can talk about bikes all day long. It is about creating a great resume and highlighting your knowledge of the topic and experience. You may want to look for shops that are representing specific brands that you are familiar with. This way, you’ll have an easy start, but remember that this sort of occupation requires communication skills – remember the difference between strengths and skills?


It’s like a journalist, but for a narrow segment of readers. You’re into motorbikes, and you want to find out more and share knowledge with others? Great, all you need is a proper degree and some determination. This job is very interesting, despite some complications for getting it in comparison to other entries in this list.


There are lots of people who want to get on a motorbike or enhance their current skills. You can work with that as an instructor! I was working as a part-time instructor to cover some additional expenses, but it is possible to find a full-time job as well. An idea – if you’re that good, you can start your own venue to focus on advanced riding techniques…

Restoration shop

A dream job for lots of us! Being able to own your own business and work directly with customers is actually great. Responsibilities include things such as repairing motorcycles, restoring them, adjusting stuff, and reselling per clients’ request. Even more, there is no formal education requirement for this, although owning a shop requires business acumen, you’ll be your own boss, hey!

Police officer

This job will require appropriate education and riding skills. Duties do not differ from a classic police officer, so this occupation is for people who have what it takes and a sense of justice. Salary is usually great, and there will be things to tell.


Oh, this one is for motorcycle enthusiasts who love some creativity. That is my dream job for some time, but I just lack that artistic touch. Duties involve getting a bike, customizing it, and transforming into a work of art. I’m sure that everyone saw custom choppers and other great motorcycles during fares and public shows. Well, this is just great, what can I say.

Brand ambassador

The final entry is unorthodox, at least for me, when I found out about it. The job may require some education in journalism, public relations, or communication, as the main duties are about presenting a particular brand and building its image among potential customers. This sort of occupation also means that you’ll likely to travel a lot. If that sounds interesting, I advise you to make a perfect LinkedIn photo, as you’ll want to show off yourself to the potential employer, and go get it!


As you can see, there are lots of interesting jobs for motorcycle enthusiasts. If you’re among the unfortunate bunch of people who lost their jobs due to the economic situation, this might be an opportunity to stick to what you really like. You could do as I did – get through resume writers reviews, make a great resume, add a photo, and look for a dream job. Being a motorcycle owner is about freedom, so why not bond your passion with making some profit?

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