Introducing Ventz – An Innovative Rider Cooling System
Ventz is a clever product that attaches easily to your jacket sleeves and helps to cool you down. When riding in warm weather an invisible layer of hot air, trapped in your jacket, raises your core body temperature to uncomfortable levels, which can cause a dangerous loss of concentration. Ventz creates a flow of cooling air that removes the trapped heat, making your journey cooler, more comfortable and safer.

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Safe and comfortable to wear, Ventz is an easy-to-use effective aid for cooling both the rider and pillion passenger. Just slide them int the cuff of your jacket and the air will flow up your arms as you ride.

  • Patented
  • Proven
  • UK Manufactured
  • USA Design Registered
  • Shatter Proof
  • Insect Proof

Ventz Shipping

Ventz ships orders from New Zealand. This product and the costs associated with shipping will be sent with any other items purchased from the supplier.

Service up to 3 items 4+ items Delivery Timeframe
Standard Delivery to
Australian Address
$10.56 $15 3-5 Business Days

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Black, White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue


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