Smart Brake System


Don’t become a statistic of tailgating drivers. This Smart Brake Module activates your brake brake light even when you slow down on the throttle, not the brake.

It warns tailgating drivers behind you to back off. It could just save your life!

You can choose between 2 options for the operation of the Smart Brake Module – FLASHING and STEADY mode.

Suits all model of motorcycle and light, and is approved for use worldwide.


Safe braking

Many riders slow down by dropping down gears and using engine braking instead of brakes. This could cause drivers to run up their rear!

The Smart Brake Module illuminates the brake lights when you slow down, even if you don’t use your brakes.

This gives drivers behind you adequate warning that you are slowing.

How does it work?

Smart Brake Module uses accelerometer and motion detection sensors combined with a proprietary algorithm to detect when you are engine-braking or down-shifting.

It’s an intelligent system that doesn’t interfere with the actual brake light operation.

It simply senses when the bike is slowing down and operates the brake light in the situations when you’re not actually applying the brake.

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