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The Overlander is without doubt the coolest thing ever made on planet earth. Imagine the luggage envy of your friends and collegues when your vintage design super stylish handmade leather overlander rolls out onto the carousel at the airport. Every other passenger nervously waits and wonders which suit case is theirs all the while you wait patiently, completely relaxed, even letting your overlander do an extra lap of honor on the carousel just so you can enjoy the moment a little longer.

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Massive internal compartment with zipper pockets, canvas lined and completely enclosed by a lockable zip and fold over two buckle flap section. Two soft carry handles and shoulder strap and three large external buckle up pockets.

All Nevermind Leather’s products are naturally produced by hand using only salt and natural oils, they do not manufacture in a tannery or factory and refuse to use nasty chemicals such as Arsenic and Chromium which are rapidly destroying our planet. Modern leather production is by far one of the most polluting industries on the planet and completely unsustainable.

Nevermind uses a traditional centuries old technique to preserve the animal skins. Therefore their leather if not used regularly will have an earthy, saddle type smell, this is completely normal and natural. This smell will completely disappear within a few weeks if the product is exposed to fresh air and sunlight regularly.


50 x 34 x 20 cm


• Large

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