EZ-GO Helmet Strap


Leaving your valuable helmet on your motorcycle is not always secure, but carrying it around can be a nuisance. Now, with the EZ-GO strap you can keep your helmet with you, but still have both hands free. The EZ-GO strap securely fastens to your helmet’s ratchet chin strap, or through the double-D rings or through the chin bar so you won’t drop and dames your helmet. It sits securely against your body when you’re walking and allows you to safely carry a spare helmet when riding. The strap is adjustable and has padded 3D mesh to sit comfortably on your shoulder and wick away sweat. EZ-GO straps come in a variety of colours and stylish patterns.



  • Meet EZ GO, The revolutionary strap for a safe and convenient carrying.
  • From now on, don’t go without EZ GO.
  • Fasten the designated strap with only one click, hang it over your shoulder and that’s it, you are ready to go!
  • The Helmet stays on you always, leaving your hands completely free!
  • No need to carry it around in your hands inconveniently, or locking it in your top luggage box, without knowing whether it will still be there when you are back.
  • Giving someone a lift? You are going to need an extra Helmet and this is the easy way to carry it with you all the time, just in case.

EZ GO is the perfect elegant solution, which even adds a whole new aspect to your ride!

Strap weight only 91 Grams \ 0.2 Pound

EZ-GO Shipping

EZ-GO ships from Israel. This product and the costs associated with shipping will be sent with any other items purchased from the supplier EZ-GO.

Service Flat Rate Delivery Timeframe
Standard Delivery to
Australian Address
$10 21-30 Business Days

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Grey, White Stars, Black, Blue, Zigzag


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