Extra Thick Bamboo Socks


You can wear bamboo socks for several days of riding without them getting smelly. That’s because they have special anti-bacterial properties which absorb toxins. They are also extra soft and smooth and you can pull them on in one pull, without having to thread them on over your heel. They also stay up without cutting off your circulation. Read our review.



Bamboo has anti-bacterial properties which absorb toxins and stops the clothing from smelling which is great when you are travelling and have little access to laundry facilities. It’s very important for riders wearing big boots on hot summer rides. And when you are on a trip, there is no need to wash your socks daily. We have worn these socks up to a week straight on tour without needing to wash them as they still smell fresh. This property applies to all bamboo products.

Another great advantage with these long socks is that, apart from the smooth softness, you can hold the sock by the top hem and pull it on to your foot in one smooth movement until it is fully in place. Most other sock types have to be almost ‘threaded’ onto your foot in several stages.

Once in position, they stay up and don’t crawl down your calf under your boots.

Read our review.

Composition: 92% bamboo/ 8% elastane.

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Blue, Navy, Black, Chocolate, Green, Slate, Burnt Red, Khaki, White, Purple, Watermelon, Fire Red, HiVis Lemon, HiVis Lime, HiVis Orange, NSW Blue, QLD Maroon, Tan


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