Subsidy for electric motorcycles

The UK Government is about to provide a £1500 (about $2400) subsidy on the price of electric motorcycles and scooters to encourage their uptake. While subsidies for electric and hybrid cars are provided by most European countries, Asian nations, Canada and most American states, only California so far includes motorcycles. Meanwhile, the Australian Government has …

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2016 Xero DSR

Electric Zero DSR celebrates decade

It’s been a long time since Zero Motorcycles started its journey and now they have released a new DSR to celebrate a decade. With the name of Electricross, Zero was founded in 2006 in Scotts Valley, California, by the innovator and aeronautical engineer Neal Saiki. It all began with the “Drift”, an incredible motorbike that …

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LSA Autonomy Nightmare runs on all fuels

Future motorcycles may run on all fuels

Future motorcycles could run on all types of fuels, including electricity, after US government defence contracts have yielded two prototype hybrid motorcycles. The bikes are the Logos Silent Hawk and LSA Autonomy Nightmare whose engines can run on either spark or compression ignition, which means they can be fuelled by petrol, jet fuel, propane, diesel …

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3D Light Rider bike

3D printed Airbus motorcycles set to fly

Producing motorcycles with a 3D printer has moved to the next stage with the Airbus aviation company now printing and selling electric motorcycles. The global company that makes Airbus planes also operates large-scale industrial printers to produce components. Now they have turned their attention to producing an electric motorcycle frame using aluminium powder. It’s called the …

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Toyota iRoad leaning three-wheeler

Innovations impact on future motorcycles

Two new innovations from Toyota and Honda have implications for future motorcycle powertrains. Toyota engineers believe they can replace the lithium in rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles with magnesium.  Magnesium is more stable in the atmosphere than lithium and more potentially energy dense which means it will store bigger charge in the same capacity. …

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Kosynier electric retro moped

Electric moped we’d actually like to ride

Not many electric bikes enthuse us with their whisper-quiet power and ungainly looks, but this handmade retro electric moped is an exception. The Kosynier moped, built by Polish brothers Marcin and Michal Bielawski, won the gold medal at the recent international trade fair for “Ideas – Inventions – New Products” in Germany. There are cruiser, boardtracker and …

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