Water crossings

Video reminds riders of flood caution

This video reminds riders to approach flooded roads with caution as flooding is expected to continue across four eastern states and South Australia over the next few weeks. The above comical, but serious, video comes from Mumbai, India, where four days of constant rain has flooded many roads. NSW, Victoria and southern Queensland country is awash after weeks …

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Lemon Motorbike

How to avoid buying a lemon bike

While Australia is still considering stronger consumer laws covering seriously defective vehicles, riders should do their best to avoid buying a “lemon”. The best way to do this is to pay just $25 and get a quick online report from the Personal Properties Security Register on the motorcycle’s history, including: Written off records Finance owing Odometer check Stolen vehicle …

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Motorcycles Glass's Guide sales hot spring motorcycle bargains

Are vehicle safety recalls strict enough?

In America, the authorities have ordered mandatory vehicle safety recalls to fix faults, but there has never been a mandatory safety recall for a vehicle in Australia. Instead, the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development seems confident that manufacturers identify faults “through their own quality assurance processes”. Perhaps it’s time the department got tougher on safety …

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MBW in the nation's capital share the road

Motorists taught to share with bikes

In a significant step towards motorcycles being recognised as vulnerable road users, from Monday (August 29, 2016) the ACT will require all learners to prove they can share the road before getting their licence. Learners will be tested on how they share the road with vulnerable road users identified as pedestrian, cyclists and scooterists/motorcyclists. There …

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Lane filtering lane splitting

Is Californian lane splitting safe?

California is the first US state to allow lane splitting, with riders possibly allowed to split lanes at up to 50mph (80km/h) but no faster than 15mph (24km/h) more than surrounding traffic. Over the past two years, the three eastern states of Australia have introduced lane filtering between stationary or slow-moving traffic and the ACT is running …

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Lane filtering forum

Why we should lane filter more often

The more that riders lane filter, the more motorists will learn that it is legal, not an obstruction to traffic and helps relieve traffic congestion. More motorists might also come to see motorcycles as a valid and useful mode of transport. Just because we have lane-filtering laws in three states and the ACT (under trial …

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Scottish mobile motorcycle speed camera

Are motorcycle speed cameras next?

Mobile speed cameras are becoming so small they are now being used on motorcycles so they can be stationed in areas where other speed cameras are too big. The first to introduce motorcycle speed cameras is Scotland. While Scottish authorities say it will not target any particular type of vehicle, they admit it will be operating on routes …

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Sunshine Coast Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer entrapment

Police sting or immoral entrapment?

Riders caught crossing double white lines after being delayed by an allegedly slow-moving unmarked police vehicle may have little chance of fighting the fine as entrapment. Similar incidences have occurred before, including a 2012 incident on the Old Pacific Highway north of Sydney which the fined riders successfully defended a year later. The latest incident involved …

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