What is the best lane position?

The answer to what is the best position within a lane for motorcycle riders is not simple. Most instructors tell novice motorcyclists to ride in the driver’s side wheel track so they can be seen and where the tyres clean the road of oil, gravel and rainwater. That’s the simple answer and one that most people …

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Road conditions deteriorating

Riders heading to the Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island have been warned that road conditions throughout south-eastern Australia have deteriorated after recent heavy rains. What is a real concern is that rather than fixing the roads, authorities are reducing the speed limit; maybe temporarily, and maybe permanently. Freedom Riders Australia spokesman Dale Maggs has particularly warned riders …

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MotorMedics are our new first responders

A volunteer band of riders has formed MotoMedics Queensland to act as first responders to motorcycle accidents while the injured wait for the ambulance to arrive. They may be the last people you ever want to meet, but they will be at the Brisbane Bike Night tonight (Wednesday, October 5, 2016) at Harry’s Diner in …

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First Aid for Motorcyclists course safety contract

Do hospital staff discriminate against riders?

Do hospital staff have a prejudice against motorcycle riders because they are seen as careless risk-takers clogging up the health system and does it affect their level of care? It’s a question worth asking, according to a university professor and a motorcycle clothing supplier. Deakin University’s Dr Chris Hurren, who is developing new industry standards …

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Water crossings

Video reminds riders of flood caution

This video reminds riders to approach flooded roads with caution as flooding is expected to continue across four eastern states and South Australia over the next few weeks. The above comical, but serious, video comes from Mumbai, India, where four days of constant rain has flooded many roads. NSW, Victoria and southern Queensland country is awash after weeks …

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How a beautiful girl endangers riders

A beautiful girl can dangerously distract a rider and shake him out of his state of mindfulness or total awareness, says Polish sociologist Jarosław Gibas. He’s the author of Motorcyclism. Road To Mindfulness which shows a relationship between riding and mindfulness. It’s like the modern version of the philosophical Zen and the Art of Motorcycle …

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Another reason to avoid road rage

https://youtu.be/xcPJ1dKpqos This video is yet another reason to avoid road rage. The rider takes the time to flick the finger and yell abuse at a driver as he passes, taking his eyes off the road for s split second. When he turns around, he finds he’s on collision course with a rubbish skip (dumpster). If you …

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