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When is the best time to buy a bike?

The worst time to buy a new motorcycle is obviously just before it is heavily discounted. But how can you know when a discount promotion is imminent? Imagine you just bought a new motorcycle and a few days later the manufacturer or distributor announced a nationwide promotion with a massive discount price. You’d feel pretty …

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Stolen Ducati Panigale

How to avoid online bike scam

The recent story of a Melbourne rider having his 2015 Ducati 899 Panigale stolen in a crafty scam is a timely warning about selling privately, especially online. In the case of Melbourne rider Steve Williams who advertised his bike online with Gumtree, the prospective rider arrived in a car and asked for a test ride. He said …

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motorcycle insuance crash accident

Top tips on motorcycle insurance

Getting good value and relevant coverage in motorcycle insurance is a tricky business, but with some help from our friends at, here are some handy tips to help you. Some of the references may refer only to American insurance, whereas some terms may differ from Australia, for example third-party. However, the general tips are very …

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Yamaha cruisers have five-year warranties

Should motorcycle warranties be longer?

While the car industry has up to seven-year warranties, the bulk of the motorcycle industry offers only two-year warranties. Isn’t it about time motorcyclists were offered the same sort of cover as car drivers? You may say that riders are tougher on their bikes than most car drivers, but Yamaha offers a five-year warranty on its …

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Motorcycle dealer showroom deal customer

Are multi-dealerships good for the customer?

The motorcycle industry has changed substantially over the past decade with multi-dealerships and most of it has been in favour of the customer, writes MBW contributor and former motorcycle dealer Marty Thompson: I have been involved in the motor industry since 1987 and seen it change significantly, mostly for the benefit of the customer. These …

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Lemon Motorbike

Do we need lemon laws for motorcycles?

Australia is considering stronger consumer laws covering seriously defective vehicles that could go as far as US Lemon Laws but may not include motorcycles. Lemon Laws are consumer protection laws that provide a satisfactory repair, full refund or replacement product for a major consumer expense item such as a car, SUV or motorcycle deemed to repeatedly fail …

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Sharon Ledger considers her purchase buyer's remorse

How to deal with bike buyer’s remorse

It seems strange that anyone who buys a motorbike could possibly regret it, but many do feel “buyer’s remorse” that they have bought the wrong bike or got the wrong deal. Motoring industry experts say it is one of the biggest problems in keeping customer loyalty. That’s why some motorcycle companies spend a lot of …

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motorcycle auction

10 tips on buying at a motorcycle auction

If you’ve ever dreamed of buying your dream bike at a motorcycle auction, check out our tips to make sure you don’t get caught out buying a dud or spending too much. Auctions can be a fun experience and you can land yourself a real bargain. However, there are many pitfalls as well. First there …

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Motorcycle dealer showroom deal

How to get the best deal on a motorcycle

After two recent controversial articles looking at improving the sales experience from the point of view of the customer and dealer, Motorbike Writer contributor and ex-dealer Marty Thompson gives his tips for getting the best deal: A recent discussion on Facebook after those two MBW articles from a disgruntled female potential bike purchaser has prompted …

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