Shoei RYD helmet

Shoei RYD is a compact motorcycle helmet

The Shoei RYD helmet uses four different outer shell sizes to achieve a compact size and light weight, no matter how big your head is. Helmet sizing is usually achieved by having only a couple of different shell sizes and fitting different width liners to achieve fit. Shoei has used four shell sizes in the RYD …

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Bell adds retro Moto 3 helmet

Retro bikes have been the rage for years and now retro motorcycle helmets and gear are catching up with Bell one of the leaders. The iconic American helmet brand kicked off with the Bell Custom 500 in 2013. They followed up with the Bell Bullitt full-face helmet in 2014. There have been many other retro …

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List of motorcycle accessories you need

 Sponsored post Once you’re equipped with your new bike and ready to get out on the road, it’s time to shop for motorcycle accessories. There are so many different brands to choose from. In addition to motorcycle parts, Bike Bandit offers some of the best quality Honda CBR accessories on the market. When shopping for …

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Shark adds lightweight Spartan helmet

Shark claims their Spartan sports touring helmet not only offers protection, but is also quiet and light so that it doesn’t fatigue you on a long trip. Thanks to its new carbonfibre and fiberglass shell, it weighs just 1350g which is pretty light for a full-face helmet. The Spartan also features a dual spoiler system to …

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Nolan N-87 helmet in scratched chrome

New Nolan helmet in scratched chrome

Get ready to start lusting after scratched chrome, the latest finish from the new Nolan helmet, the N-87, arriving in stories this month. The scratched chrome finish costs $399, while graphics are $379 and $319 for classic plain black or grey. Importers Ron Angel Warehouse believe the scratched chrome will be popular. “The scratched chrome is awesome,” …

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Yamaha's Masters of Torque modelsYamaha's Masters of Torque models

Top bikes and gear brands rated

Yamaha has replaced Harley-Davidson as the top brand rated by Australian riders, while Shoei is the top helmet, Aplinestars best for gear and Pirelli the best tyre. The results come from the second annual survey of 1079 riders by customer satisfaction research and ratings business Canstar Blue. Top motorcycle brands Only the seven most popular road …

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AGV helmet hydrates riders on the go

Italian motorbike helmet manufacturer AGV has introduced a hydration cooling system which allows riders to sip liquid while riding. The AGV Pista GP R, presented in five graphics and two carbon variants, will be available from November 2016 starting from €1200 (about $A1800). There is no word on when it will be available in Australia, but …

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Davida helmets

Davida helmet prices come down

Davida open-face helmet prices have come down about $100 in the wake of the new Euro helmet laws that allow their use and sale in Australia. New Euro helmet laws were not only supposed to open our market to a wider range of high-quality  helmets, but also make them cheaper because they didn’t have to …

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Nexx XG100 retro helmet

Nexx is next Euro helmet brand

The influx of high-quality helmets continues after Euro certifications were approved for Australia with Portuguese Nexx Helmets available from October 2016. The new laws have so far led to several helmet models being introduced which were previously not available here because of the extra layer of testing required in Australia. Some manufacturers believed the effort …

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Seemore HUD unit

Seemore HUD to replace Skully?

Polish company Seemore plans to introduce head-up display (HUD) helmets in the wake of the controversial collapse of Skully Helmets in the USA. Rather than making the helmets, Seemore founder Gzegorz (Greg) Palmer tells us he is negotiating with three major European helmet manufacturers to include their HUD device. “We have great knowledge in HUD …

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