Shoei RYD helmet

Shoei RYD is a compact motorcycle helmet

The Shoei RYD helmet uses four different outer shell sizes to achieve a compact size and light weight, no matter how big your head is. Helmet sizing is usually achieved by having only a couple of different shell sizes and fitting different width liners to achieve fit. Shoei has used four shell sizes in the RYD …

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Update your motorcycle with a lithium battery

While manufacturers are keen to show how they can shave a few grams off their new model’s weight, they could easily shave even more if they swapped to a more expensive lithium battery. Lithium motorcycle batteries are LifePO4 batteries, most using prismatic (square) cells. They are the same battery types as used in electric cars and now being …

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Draggin stylin’ up with Revz jeans

Revz jeans are the latest protective pants from Draggin Jeans who are celebrating 20 years of being a part of Australian motorcycle culture. The classic-style men’s jeans are part of Draggin’s Next-Gen range which won the Australian company a “best of the best” award this year in the inaugural Motorcycle Brand Contest run by the …

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Single-layer protective denim safer

Single-layer motorcycle clothing that passes safety tests is getting closer with DSM Dyneema gaining European approval after the latest tests. Their single-layer denim with elastic material and a large amount of Dyneema has passed the four-second abrasion test. It now gains an EN13595-1 approval for level 1 which means abrasion resistance of four seconds or …

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Bell adds retro Moto 3 helmet

Retro bikes have been the rage for years and now retro motorcycle helmets and gear are catching up with Bell one of the leaders. The iconic American helmet brand kicked off with the Bell Custom 500 in 2013. They followed up with the Bell Bullitt full-face helmet in 2014. There have been many other retro …

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List of motorcycle accessories you need

 Sponsored post Once you’re equipped with your new bike and ready to get out on the road, it’s time to shop for motorcycle accessories. There are so many different brands to choose from. In addition to motorcycle parts, Bike Bandit offers some of the best quality Honda CBR accessories on the market. When shopping for …

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Shark adds lightweight Spartan helmet

Shark claims their Spartan sports touring helmet not only offers protection, but is also quiet and light so that it doesn’t fatigue you on a long trip. Thanks to its new carbonfibre and fiberglass shell, it weighs just 1350g which is pretty light for a full-face helmet. The Spartan also features a dual spoiler system to …

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Mobed keeps riders and bike safe

This Mobed motorcycle tent promises to keep you safe from the wet, plus snakes, bugs and even crocodiles while also safeguarding your bike from theft? The German company has not yet listed a price yet for the Mobed, nor do they have it in production, but you can send them an email and declare your interest. So far …

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Nolan N-87 helmet in scratched chrome

New Nolan helmet in scratched chrome

Get ready to start lusting after scratched chrome, the latest finish from the new Nolan helmet, the N-87, arriving in stories this month. The scratched chrome finish costs $399, while graphics are $379 and $319 for classic plain black or grey. Importers Ron Angel Warehouse believe the scratched chrome will be popular. “The scratched chrome is awesome,” …

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BMW launches airbag jacket

BMW Motorrad and Alpinestars have collaborated to produce a textile jacket with an airbag for use on the road and in off-road riding. The Street Air jacket follows a BMW and Alpinestars DoubleR RaceAir one-piece leather race suit in 2014. If that is any indication, it could be quite expensive as the Alpinestars vest component, …

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